Women's Tennis: Sagehens To Host Winning Is In Your Blood Clinic

Women's Tennis: Sagehens To Host Winning Is In Your Blood Clinic

CLAREMONT, CA. – The Pomona-Pitzer Women's Tennis team will be hosting a tennis clinic for adults and children who are affected by Hemophilia on Saturday, April 15th from 3:00-6:00 p.m. at the Pauley Tennis Complex located on the campus of Pomona College.

Winning is in Your Blood is a tennis clinic organized in partnership with the Southern California Hemophilia Foundation and City of Hope that is dedicated to children affected by hemophilia and bleeding disorders. The focus of this clinic is to promote sports and show how active living can benefit not only their general health but also the manageability of their condition. 



  • Tennis clinic hosted at Pomona-Pitzer's Pauley Tennis center driven to bring awareness to the benefits of healthy, active living
  • Event includes…
    • Educational piece speaking about the benefits of sports and how to adjust their medications in preparation for physical activity 
    • Guest speakers include 
      • Member of the men's tennis team who is affected by severe hemophilia A —> talking about his experiences growing up with hemophilia and tennis
      • Women's coach Ann Lebedeff —> inspirational talk about conquering doubts and trying new physical activities 
    • One hour tennis clinic with the women's and men's tennis teams
    • Meal afterwards to allow the families to connect
  • Giving out free racquets and balls for the children to take home in hopes of alleviating the financial burdens of trying to play sports 


  • Children and adults from the Greater Lost Angeles area who are affected by hemophilia and other bleeding disorders
  • Run by volunteers from the Pomona Pitzer Men's and Women's tennis team and coaches, SAAC members, Hemophilia Foundation staff
  • Partnered with Southern California Hemophilia Foundation, City of Hope, and Head 


  • Bleeding disorders leaves the children at greater risk of joint damage in the future 
  • Childhood obesity is a prevalent issue nationwide & causes management of hemophilia to be even more difficult
  • Sports and active living has been shown to strengthen the children's muscles and joints, leading to improved joint health and less bleeds