Faculty/Staff Wellness


Pomona College Faculty and Staff Fitness and Wellness Program Mission:

The Physical Education Department and Human Resources Office at Pomona College recognize that worksite culture and environment are powerful influences that can encourage and support employees in living healthy lifestyles. The mission of the Faculty/Staff Fitness and Wellness program is to increase awareness of healthy lifestyle behaviors and to provide convenient and attractive opportunities to practice these healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Toward this end, the FSFW program strives to provide a wide array of fitness and wellness opportunities in an effort to maximize employee participation.

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Program History and Overview:

For decades, Pomona faculty and staff have enjoyed the fitness and recreational opportunities available at the College.  In the 80’s, Mike Riskas, Professor of Physical Education Emeritus, Curt Tong, Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics Emeritus, and Kirk Jones, Professor of Physical Education and Athletic Trainer, began training PERPs (Physical Education Resource People) to help faculty and staff members create a fitness regimen of their own.  

Two-thousand and one marked the beginning of the “formal program” known as Faculty/ Staff Fitness and Wellness (FSFW).  In the FSFW program, the Physical Education Department and Human Resources Office co-sponsor fitness, recreation, and wellness classes in the early morning, at noon, and after the workday, as well as lunchtime talks on topics such as nutrition and stress management. Additionally, there are opportunities arranged or designed on an individual basis:  pick-up basketball and badminton games, recreational swimming, stroke work lessons, pedometer and nutrition “take home” programs and other customized fitness program options.  The FSFW Planning Committee meets regularly and its membership includes the Physical Education Department Chair, the Assistant Vice-President for Human Resources, the FSFW Coordinators, the Assistant Director of Human Resources, and a member of the FSFW teaching staff.

Pomona College faculty and staff may participate in this program by completing a Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement, available on this website (see link below) and also in the Rains Center and the Human Resources Offices.  Interested faculty and staff are encouraged to view the schedule (see link below).

Additional Opportunities for Faculty and Staff:

Pomona faculty and staff members are also welcome to participate in Physical Education activity courses (provided space is available) and intramurals.  Schedule information is available by clicking on the links below.   Please contact the individual instructors or the IM Director for additional information.

Facility Access:

Pomona College faculty and staff, their spouses/partners and dependents, are eligible for recreational facility use during regularly scheduled hours in Voelkel Gym, Memorial Gym, The Rains Center Weight Training and Aerobic Fitness Rooms, Sessions Racquetball and Squash Courts, the Haldeman and Pendleton Swimming Pools, and the Pauley and Rogers Tennis Courts.

For identification purposes in gaining entry into the facilities, faculty and staff may use their Pomona College picture ID cards.  Spouses/partners and dependents will be issued Rains Center ID cards upon request (first, please go to Human Resources and pick up your "Dependent Certification" and then bring it by the upstairs office of Rains Center during business hours). 

You may also access current facility hours by clicking on the link below.

For information about participating in the Faculty-Staff Fitness & Wellness Program or using the College’s recreational facilities, please contact Brandon Johnson, or call at x18420.

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FSFW Kick-Off Lunch Presentations

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FSFW Take-Home Home Programs

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