Virtual Fitness Class Offerings

Classes Begin 4/13

Please complete this INTEREST FORM if you'd like to participate. 

Class Description

Boot Camp = A total body workout that incorporates a combination of cardio, strength and balance exercises.

Circuit Training = A total body workout utilizing cardio and body weight where individuals will cycle through several exercises targeting different muscle groups. 

Deep Water on Dry Land = A zero impact total body workout that incorporates movements used in the water focusing on core muscles.

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. A cardio session that utilizes alternating intervals of short periods of intense anaerobic exercises and less intense recovery periods.  

Pilates = Traditional mat-work Pilates focused on core exercises that help to strengthen and lengthen muscles for improved posture and body alignment awareness mixed with yoga stretches and poses.

Yoga = This class emphasizes precision, sequence, and subtlety. Positions and postures may be held for more extended periods of time.

Zumba = A class that combines dance and fitness moves, inspired by Latin dance and music.




Zumba Mondays @ 10:00 am
HIIT Mondays @ 12:00 pm
Yoga Tuesdays @ 12:00 pm
Zumba Tuesdays @ 12:00 pm
Deep Water on Dry Land Wednesdays @ 12:00 pm
HIIT Wednesdays @ 2:00 pm
Pilates Thursdays @ 12:00 pm
Zumba Thursdays @ 12:00 pm
Zumba Fridays @ 10:00 am
Circuit Training Fridays @ 10:00 am
Boot Camp Fridays @ 12:00 pm
Deep Water on Dry Land Fridays @ 12:00 pm