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The official home of Pomona - Pitzer Athletics

Core Values and Mission Statement

"Mission and values discovery is essential to the strategic direction of our department.  Our athletics mission communicates our athletics purpose, while our athletics values reflect our core principles.  Both pieces underpin all functions of our athletics operations and ensures we are working in unity."
- Miriam Merrill. Director of Athletics & Chair of Physical Education 

Mission Statement For Pomona-Pitzer Atletics 

- Create a community that thrives through physical and intellectual growth. 

Core Values

Core Values establish the behavioral boundaries within which the organization will operate and illustrate how the organization will work to achieve its mission. 

  1. Holistic Development: We facilitate discovery of mental, physical and social skills. 
  2. Community: We actively build and sustain a culture of respect for all individuals and learn through shared challenges and triumphs. 
  3. Excellence: We strive to meet high standards and help each other grow and succeed.