On-Campus Resources

Pomona College:

Dean of Students

Dean of Students office provides support and advise to the students as they move through their academic and personal life as a member of the Pomona College community.

Pitzer College

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs provides student-centered support services and is committed to the holistic development of the student.

MCAPS (Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services

MCAPS is committed to promoting psychological wellness for all students served by The Claremont Colleges Consortium.

7C – Health (Timely MD) – both physical and mental wellness support

7C Health is a convenient way for students at The Claremont Colleges to receive 24/7, no-cost Medical and TalkNow for common conditions that can be safely and accurately diagnosed and treated online. All you need is an internet connection 

Student Health Center

Student Health Center is committed to promoting the physical health and wellness of all students at The Claremont Colleges.

Chaplains Office

The Chaplains Office serve as confidential spiritual counselors, emotional leaders and provide ethical leadership to the campus community. 

Queer Resource Center (QRC)

QRC is a 7 College resource center serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, omnisexual, and pansexual communities, as well as allies, at The Claremont Colleges.  

Office of Black Student Affairs (OBSA)

OBSA is dedicated to providing support, resources and space for students of African descent to feel safe, valued, informed and connected.

Asian American Resource Center (AARC)

AARC helps Asian Pacific Islander Desi American students develop intellectually, socially, personally, academically and politically.

Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA)

CLSA provides enrichment programs and services that enhance the academic success and personal development of Chicanx/Latinx students at The Claremont Colleges.


Empower helps to create a culture where all members of The Claremont Colleges respect and look out for each other, and where students impacted by sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, and stalking receive confidential holistic support and care.

The Claremont College Services (TCCS)

The TCCS Division of Student Affairs is committed to support the students health, well-being and academic success.

Health Education Outreach (HEO)

HEO helps support students about their health and wellness, what it means to them, and empowering them in their journey of becoming their best selves. 

Title IV Website

The Title IV Task Force is committed to creating and maintaining an environment free from sexual misconduct and sexual harassment at The Claremont Colleges.